Breakfast, Lunch or Dinner? Here Are Your Top Options for Eating Out in Maui

Maui is a foodie’s paradise with its diverse range of cuisines and flavors. Whether you are looking to indulge in traditional Hawaiian dishes or want to try something new, there are plenty of options available for every taste bud. In this blog post, we will explore some popular restaurants in Maui, traditional food to eat in Maui, breakfast options in Maui, dinner options in Maui, must-try dishes in Maui, as well as a guide to the best coffee shops in Maui.

Popular Restaurants in Maui:

1. The Pineapple Grill – This restaurant offers contemporary American cuisine with an emphasis on fresh local ingredients. It has been voted one of the top ten restaurants in Maui by several publications.

2. Monkeypod Kitchen – With two locations in Wailea and Ko Olina, this restaurant serves up modern Hawaiian fare with global influences. You can enjoy delicious dishes like poke bowls, loco moco, and pork belly buns here.

3. Mama’s Fish House – Located in Paia, this restaurant is known for its seafood dishes, especially the famous “Big Eye Tuna.” It also features live music nightly and stunning ocean views.

Traditional Food to Eat in Maui:

Hawaiians have a rich culinary tradition that dates back centuries. Some popular traditional dishes include laulau (pork cooked in taro leaves), kalua pig (roasted pig cooked in an imu), poi (mashed taro root), lomi-lomi salmon (salmon salad made with tomatoes and onions), and haupia (coconut milk pudding). These dishes can be found at many local eateries around Maui.

Breakfast Options in Maui:

There are plenty of great places to start your day off right in Maui. For a classic breakfast, head over to The Coffee Bean & Tea Leaf or Java Cafe. If you prefer something more unique, check out Buzz’s Whole Hog Cafe which specializes in breakfast sandwiches made with locally sourced bacon. Another option is Sarento’s On The Beach where you can enjoy breakfast while watching the sunrise over the ocean.

Dinner Options in Maui:

When it comes to dinner, Maui does not disappoint. There are numerous world-class restaurants offering everything from fine dining experiences to casual beachside grub. Some popular spots include Morimoto Maui, Honu Seafood & Pizza, and Seaside Bakery & Restaurant. Don’t forget to try some of the signature dishes such as garlic shrimp, mahi-mahi fish tacos, and loco moco.

Must-Try Dishes in Maui:

If you’re looking to sample some authentic Hawaiian cuisine, make sure to try these dishes during your visit:

1. Poke Bowl – A colorful and healthy dish consisting of raw fish marinated in soy sauce and sesame oil, served over rice.

2. Spam Musubi – A Japanese-influenced snack made with fried spam wrapped in nori seaweed and pressed into a block shape before being cut into triangles and served with furikake seasoning sprinkled on top.

3. Shave Ice – Also called snow cone, this sweet treat consists of crushed ice topped with sweetened fruit syrups.

A Guide to the Best Coffee Shops in Maui:

For those who need their daily caffeine fix, Maui has plenty of amazing coffee shops to choose from. Some notable ones include MauiGrownCoffee, which sources its beans directly from farms located on the island itself. Other popular spots include The Coffee Bean & Tea Leaf, Aloha Bean Co., and Side Street Espresso.

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